Journal 11 Page 1 January 31, 1860

[Journal has 18 pp. of notes by Rachel Strachey stuck in the front of it.]

[On inside front cover several clippings pasted in, including "The Other Life," (about life beyond death, author identified as Beecher) two poems, "rules for good habits," etc.]

[page B:]

Frances E. Willard.

January 31, 1860 [in Strachey's writing:] to

March 12. 1860.


Note-Book Number Six.

[Clipping "About Some Common Errors in Speaking" pasted in on p. C. with initials F.E.W. underneath. On p. D. several more clippings, dated I860.]

Note Book, No. 6. Frances E. Willard.

January 31, 1860

Wrote Marion Wolcott, H.D. Emery, Maggie Hawley, Minerva Brace,

and sent package to little Mary Lathrop._____ Rec'd my MS. of

"Rupert Melville" from Mr. Eberhart.___ Commenced reading Carlyle's

"Life of Schiller."___ Edwin Clifford presented me with 7

varieties of butterflies and moths;-the beginning of my cabinet "to illustrate the Lepidoptera."

February 1, 1860

Finished reading "The Life and Letters of Niebuhr." This grand and yet delicate and refined character, is no longer a mystery to me. I have great admiration for him. Almost equal, and yet different from that which I cherish for the noble "Arnold, of Rugby." That I have less reverence for Niebuhr, is, I think, owing to the fact that he had no strongly marked religious character. I think I may thus sum up the impressions the book I have just finished, has given me of him;-He was passionate in temper, easily provoked, but soon mollified, and exhibited his regret for an outbreak of anger, not in protestations, but by unusually kind and friendly acts. It was his tendency, to take the Right side in every thing. He was very gentle and helpful toward those who were climbing from below the proud height to which he had attained, up the Hill of Knowledge. He was an ardent lover of all truth for its own sake. In his private, domestic relations,-as a husband, as a father,-he exemplified the fact that great learning and great love and tenderness are not,-as