Journal 15 Page 1 October 02, 1860


October 2, 1860 - February 12, 1861

[pp. 1-3 filled with quotes FEW has copied from diverse sources: an unattributed quote about God's guidance on the path of life, (dated Oct. 8, 1860), an article in Harpers, November 1860, on the hardness of various gems, excerpts from Lalla Rookh, etc.]

Note Book Number Ten.- Frances E. Willard.


October 2, 1860

Kankakee, Ill.

Another book to begin,-a new, strange life to tell of. What a world it is to be sure, and how we struggle about in it,-straying off from those we love and those who love us, to strange, unfriendly regions; resolutely turning away from Happiness and Quiet and taking in their stead pain and weariness and toil! Yet in it all there is the comforting reflection that we are right,- that in our nature there still exists,-notwithstanding all our sins & wanderings,-a spark of the God-hood which we lost in Eden- a shimmering ray from the stars that shine serenely in the zenith of the angels-a breath of the divinity which, poets tell us, "stirs within" every man's soul.

-The world is full of "Siamese Twins" that have never gone out on exhibition or exerted the curiosity of enterprising physiologists, though much more wonderful in their constructions than the tawny brothers of whom we used to hear so much, [years agone crossed out in pencil]. The cord that binds them together is still more a lusus naturae than theirs; for besides being invisible it is strong as iron, yet as elastic as ivory; and it binds hearts together-passing from center to center, and sending thrills of pain along its whole extent when they are torn apart. Ah! I know all about it-could give a better "Statement"-and "diagnosis" than "Her Majesty's own physician," for I am one of a pair of these "Siamese twins"! The other one is in Tennessee tonight, in Giles [?] County near Lynnville, somewhere, and she sits by her window "looking toward the North" and thinks lovingly of me I hope, tonight. Her cheek rests on her hand and there are tears perhaps-'tis little wonder-in the dark, shining eyes of My Darling. She don't know that I've come here-don't know that the last one that cared for me "went his way" when Father's firm footstep died out of my hearing last night. Well, so it is, and I'm going to make fun of the whole affair on the principle of the boy who whistled while passing [by crossed out] a grave-Yard!

Yes, after the hardest kind of a day in the city spent in