Journal 16 Page 1 April 08, 1861

[Inside front cover: FEW copied several extracts fromElsie Venner, including one which claims that "the beauty of good-breeding is that it adjusts itself to all relations without effort, true to itself always, however the manners of those around it may change." FEW notes:]

And I'll venture to say that thisability of adjustment lies at the foundation of allsuccess as faras worldly policy is concerned.

[She also copies a passage about "second consciousness"--love between a man and a woman, from Elsie Venner. She pasted in a poem "Losses," by Frances Brown. The gistof it is that the greatest loss anyone can endure="a believing heart hath gone from me." FEW has underlined this line twice.]

[p. 2 of pencil-numbered pages:]

Search thine own Heart, what paineth thee

In others, in thyself may be;

All dust is frail, all flesh is weak;

Be thou the true man thou dost seek.


[ [woman] written in by FEW in different color ink than is used to write the stanza.]

Number Eleven.

[underlined twice.]

Facts and Fancies of My Life

Frances E. Willard


"Be this world the wiser, stronger,

For thy Life of pain and peace;

While it needs thee,O! No longer

Pray thou for thy quick release."

[On pp. 3 and 4 FEW copies several quotes Holmes [Oliver Wendell?], Tiedge, and Harriet Beecher Stowe's Pearl of Orr's Island, Moore, about the loss of faith, reliance on memory of a stronger faith in moments when one experiences a loss of faith, the need of a deeper faith for deeper natures. She dates these passages copied: April 8 and May 3. A poem, "The Rain," has been copied in by FEW's sister Mary Willard on p. 4]

[p. 5 Vertically in the margin:]

My Word-than any other word more Royal:- CHARACTER.