Journal 17A Page 1


January 21, 1862-February 17, 1862

[Additionary to "Number Thirteen."] ;[brackets above FEW'S]

January 21, 1862

The book that Charlie gave me is written full, and for economy's sake I come back to this and shall scrawl its remaining pages through with something of my Life.______

I'm sick of this Book-it is flat-full of "pining"-full of "pain" &"heart-throbbing." The shame of it all is that it was sincere & true. Pshaw! After all

"What is Life that we should moan? Why make we such ado?"

January 22, 1862

Oliver has come Home again. How glad we are to have him here! What a genial, well-balanced, entertaining man he is-what wonder that Mary should almost idolize him!-He has so many "rich" stories to tell us, of his "circuit riding" experiences.-His talk is every bit as good as Milburn's "Ten Years." He has read us innumberable sermons. I can see that he improves. Mother & I compare him to Whitefield & Beecher respectively, & do not think we in the least exceed the facts. I expect our enthusiasm over his gifts might be thought "vealy" by "outsiders." He is up at Mary's now. How nice it is for them-How thankful they must be that they don't have "deeps."

-Yesterday I had the neuralgia & Hart called. I wonder I mind to mention either circumstance.

-Today have talked & read & knitted & called on Ella, Mollie & Mrs. Bailey-who is to take German Lessons of me, I believe (in the slight measure that I am able to give them.)

Oh I have ever so much to write, but I can't put it all down "in black & white," & so I won't begin.

-A long & very manly, & very important letter from Charles.

-A long, kind, Fatherly talk from Father-on the subject of "my Deep" " that none but God can sound." He was never nicer to me;- how frankly, humorously & then seriously he advised me. Father is "Our angel." I want to remember him, lying on the crimson covered lounge in Aunt Sarah's room;-I sitting by the fire-Mary in the back ground writing in her Journal. Father & his eldest daughter talking of her greatest earthly interest:-as he said, "The most important matter that will be ever brought up in this house."