Journal 19 Page 1 February 02, 1862

February 20, 1862-October 29, 1862

[Inside front cover:]

"For my part, I consider great thoughts & great objects, a great joy, a great hope, a great sorrow, quite as ennobling as [a crossed out in pencil] great fortune,"

[in pencil:]

"Diseased Souls.

[in pen:]

"Act always so that the immidiate motive of thy will may become a universal rule for all intelligent beings."


[in left margin she has highlighted the quote and put a large ? beside it.]

[in pencil:]

"Circles are praised, not that abound In largeness, but the exactly round;

Such praise they merit, who excel,

Not in wide spheres, but acting well."


Epitaphs: (No. 1. Upon the death of a young person)

"She took the cup of life to sip,

Too bitter 'twas to drain,

She put it meekly from her lip,

And went to sleep again."

"I am amazed that Death, that tyrant grim,

Should think on me, who never thought on him!"

[in pencil: ]

"Lord, pardon what I have been;

Sanctify what I am;

Order what I shall be;

That thine be the glory,

And mine the eternal salvation,

For Christ's sake." Rev. Dr. Be[...... ]'s Prayer

[1st unnumbered page:]

Number Fourteen.[underlined twice]

Here is a [beautiful crossed out] Poem, the teaching of 'which is