Journal 20 Page 1 December 16, 1862

December 16, 1862-January 23, 1863

[FEW has copied several passages on the inside front page:]

"Change is the arch-consoler." [in pencil]

"And down the street I saw coming the ever welcome ugly face of a beautiful soul."

"With self-renunciation life begins."--------

[On inside front page She has written:]

# The pages, the beginning of which is thus indicated, reveal a state of mind not usual but which came upon me once in awhile from my very earliest recollection. As life chastened me more & more, I came to desire not a man's being but a man's wide & free career & to glory in being a woman & desire to help women to be & to do all in their power. 1889. F. E. W.

[P. 1:] Number 16

Frances E. Willard (underlined twice]

To the tender mercies of my Creator, I commend my soul.

"What in me is dark, illume;

What is low, raise & support."

"Selig sind die das Heimweh haben-denn sie setten nach Haus

Kommen [? ! . "



December 16, 1862

N.W. Fem. Coll. Evanston, Ill.

Another "Journal" to begin & God only knows the glad and sad words I shall write in it, or if I shall myself, fill the last page.

Have spent the day as usual-(since my new dignity!) written many letters-written up my Journal-accounts, Memoranda, etc,-heard my classes and been [went crossed out] walking with Grace Herwood, That's all, I beleive. Except Class-Meeting tonight-lead, tolerably well by Prof. Marcy,- of the Dept. of. Nat. Sci, N. w. U. 0 yes, & a pleasant talk with Mollie Ludlam who called me in this evening as I passed, and sat me down pleasantly in that