Journal 23 Page 1 January 01, 1866

[front inside cover]

"God says, Sweat

For Foreheads; men say, crowns...

God, in cursing, gives us better gifts Than men in benediction."

"We secure true possession through the capacity of refined appreciation."


"Do the duty which lies next you-"


"Without haste, without rest."


"The best Definition of belief in the Gospel that I know of, is this of Albert Ba[....-page torn]

"Belief credits the Bible to be true-& acts as if it were true." January 1, 1866

Evanston,-at Mrs. Farwell's. Mrs. F., Kate Jackson & I rec'd calls together. The day was spent pleasantly save that all of us felt the effects of "Watch Night"-Kate & I at least, having been awake till three o'clock, I suppose. We had thirty-six calls. In the evening the usual Prayer meeting for those desiring or possessing Holiness was held here. I enjoyed it very much. Thank God! I have begun this Year by consecrating myself to Him whose right it is perfectly to control my heart.

January 2, 1866

In the A.M. Kate & I sat in the back parlor and read good books awhile,-when she went away. Then I read alone, the Bible and devotional books, & prayed aloud. I find that vocal prayer, when by myself, is more beneficial than silent thoughts of the same kind. It fixes the attention and increases the solemnity. In P.N went to see dear Mrs. Pearsons & had a good talk. Then to Father's & Mother's House-then to Clifford's about my W....-then here where Minerva Brace had just arrived. Spent the evening too gaily, and am sorry.

January 3, 1866

Went to the City on Centenary Business. "Hurried up" the Pamphlet. Went to see the Tiffanys. Found the Dr. at home & had pleasant talk with him. He was busy preparing an Oration to be pronounced at the Opera House next Sabbath on the occasion of a