Journal 24 Page 1

[inside front cover:]

"Don't cry [...] you say, I'll be with Christ tomorrow. Ill go right up to Him & tell him that ever since I can remember you tried to lead me to him."

(Ralph Wells) per D. L. Moody.


L.J. of the illustrious Jackson race!- "The Book Buyer"-Chas Scribner-25 cts.

[p. A:]

Col. C.B. Norton,

14, Rue Anber[?]


"O, off Milwaukee way."

(on the cars in Canada)

[above written in pencil.]________________________________________________

Kate Frank Jackson Willard.

Their Journal.

Lima, 24th Feb. Sabbath.

In our Room.

[p- B. : ]

"-It is the object of supreme choice that determines character."

Dr. mark Hopkins.

-"To bear is to conquer our fate."-

-"We can hardly be too severe in judging ourselves, or too lenient in judging others."

Daily we meet Death and pass it by as one of the incidents of life; and it is only when we are startled by the loss of a very dear friend, that we full realize how, like a wave of desolation it sweeps over happy homes, and teaches all, that no record ever is complete without that one word Death.

Your loving [?] little

[Igit crossed out] "Igit."

[p. C.: ]

Extract from article on Historical Reading by Rev. Dr. Goodwin, President University of Penn.

"In thus tracing the progress of history from the origin of man to ourselves, the following course of reading may be recommended. Where alternate books are suggested, the latter are for a shorter course, should an abbreviation be necessary.