Journal 26 Page 1 June 04, 1868

[title page:] Book No. 2 Europe

[Book of Manuscript Sermons written by 0. A. W. from Nov 19th to ______ ] [above in brackets written by Oliver A. Willard.][pp. 1-25 of the journal contain sermons and sermon notes written by FEW's brother, Oliver.]

Book of Paris Observations written by Frances E. Willard.

From Jan. 1, 1869 to Feb. 24, 1869

[A card in front above book has this typewritten message:]


She has said that she culled from these all she feels ought to be given to the public and her quotations are in her Glimpses of Fifty Years

I think at my demise these should be burned April 12, 1928

[signed] Anna A. Gordon

June 4, 1868

Glengariffe, Ireland-on the way to the Lakes of Killarney.

Tuesday A.M. 9 1/2 o'clock, June 4th.

(Miss Hunt, one of our traveling companions says its Thursday-I have ceased all "note of time.'')

Waiting for breakfast at the Hotel for tourists. Chilly with the effects of yesterday's, last night's and this morning's cold. In my own country I would never have dreamed of undertaking what here I rush into with reckless enthusiasm.

For instance, a party of seven, Mr. & Mrs. Phillips, their children, Bessie and Will, Miss Hunt, Kate & I left Cork-64 miles distant, yesterday at ten o'clk A.M. in a remarkable looking coach drawn by a quick-footed span of horses-driven by a wide-awake son of the soil and accommodating on its one perched up seat in front, one perched up seat behind & two wide, low-down seats in the middle, our numerous and varied selves.

(At this point Mr. Phillips, handsome & florid, steps into the dining-room where we are cozily warming ourselves before a peat fire in the grate, after "replenishing" with mutton cutlets, eggs, toast, milk & coffee, and tells us to be ready without loss of minutes for our "establishment" will soon appear before