Journal 27 Page 1 February 24, 1869

No. 3-Europe.

Sketches of Character & Conversation

Here & There.

Frances E. Willard 17th Sept., 1868.


"The proper study of mankind is man." Pope.

"Make every body tell you something worth knowing."

(Free rendering from Sir Walter Scott.

# Dedications of Paris shops that I've observed:

A Mourning store: la Pense.

A baker's shop:-Au Saint Esprit (above the words the Dove [outline sketch of dove] "en regle."

A shoe store: au bonheur des pieds.

" " " : au lion amoreux.

A "brasserie"-l'enfant trouve.

A modiste's-"Aux enfants vones aux [?] blanc et bleu." i.e. (dedicated to the virgin & wearing her colors!" what devotion-especially if the little dears are blondes!

A wretched little magazin de confection-au bon gout!

Names of streets: Rue des bons Enfants

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No. 3.Berlin, 8th October,1868. The Russian Nobleman at Table D'hote.

(Hotel de Rome.)


February 24, 1869

Paris. How many "captions" like the above, with no ideas to keep them company, evince the fleeting nature of my impressions and