Journal 30 Page 1 August 12, 1869

however, one must charitably give the benefit of his doubt as to whether they would look any better under less trying circumstances. The rules forbid such an uproar as we witnessed for, besides their summary lesson on etiquette they groaned, shouted, quacked like geese, paddled around in the water like mermaids & men and variously misbehaved. The ladies must have the credit of at least keeping still & going on with their breakfast decorously & one grim old Diogenes who was reading his book being supported on a floating frame & a paper knife in his wet hand, waved the latter impatiently without turning his head when we inadvertantly stepped into his sunshine (or rather threw a shadow on his page, in the dim, steamy room where they take baths at the Hotel des Alps.) We next visited the principal bathing house, where the people looked less repulsive-being really gentlemen & ladies done up in flannel & immersed to the neck in hot water, where they were playing chess, breakfasting, reading & conversing-of course with unwonted freedom & ease, yet with the remembrance evidently of what they once were! One handsome young rogue swam toward the Dr. as we [...... ] ourselves on the visitors platform & handed up on a #[NOTE: continued on back inside cover, but illegible for the most part from water damage:] long stick [NOTE:  from here on illegible except for scattered words.]