Journal 35 Page 1 March 07, 1870

[Notes at beginning of Journal]

At Louvre-from Tombs of Kings-Ditto from Karnac

Our "Itinerary"

(as laid down by "the powers")

1. Jerusalem to Jericho-via Dead Sea &Jordan-March 18

2. Jericho to Bethel-Mar. 19

3. Sabbath at Bethel-Mar, 20

4. Bethel to Nablus- " 21

5. Nablus to Jenin- " 22

6. Jenin to Carmel " 23

7. Carmel to Hepha
Hepha to Nazareth
Nazareth to Tiberias
Tiberias to Safed
Safed to Libnin
Libnin to Tyre & Sidon

watch key


bk cambric bag

veil made

gloves mended

book for flowers

another blank book


[....] olives &c
extra stirrups
medicine for K.
go to bank
cross of Jerusalem
Mr. Coan's letter
Dr. M's postage
March 8, 1870

Cook's party's disgraceful behavior here-drinking &c making the Arabs drink.

"Blue Riband Society"-up the Nile-down to the donkeys as members- Long R.R. its Prest. Mrs. R. R. vice Pres't

March 7, 1870

Landed at Palestine -Miss Baldwin-visit-

Miss Arnott-7 yrs. Russian gentleman recovered his health -afterward withdrew his support

-Miss A. "trusted in God-& went on." Private support-not connected with any Mission-

1. "Happy Land" in Arabic

2. "Around the throne of God in Heaven (What brought them to this world of bliss -Because the Saviour shed his blood)

(Sung in English by 40? girls, Jews, Moslems, Greeks, Christians) A swallow building its nest over their heads-

Jewess of 13; with part of dowry on neck-& belt of silver threads (woven), around her waist- Read "Line Upon Line"

Pretty clean school-room, nice looking girls-decently dressed- Miss A's own room (chair-table, bed) "Their parents let them learn our hymns & Scriptures saying "O it will soon be