Journal 36 Page 1 March 22, 1870

[On front of Journal:] (No. 13 of "European Notes.)

No. Two.

Notes of Travel in the Holy Land 1870.

[Inside front cover:] Domestic Life in Palestine E.C. Rodgers. (Western Publishing House-Cincinnati.)

"Daily Light on the Daily Path" (Dr. Jessup's Devotional book-Diligence-Apr. 8.) I. Bagster & Sons Publishers, London

Last day of our Nablous detention, Mr. Wilson set up a barbers shop-pole & all & our company of ministers came out as sleek & smooth looking as so many drowned rats-Mr. Coan however, guarding the savagery of that moustache.

Mem. Dr. March invited out to dinner while we are at Nablous. Borrows a paper collar of Mr Wilson & goes-the invitation coming

from four Episcopal divines of Philadelphia. Comes home with an amusing report of a dinner with roasted [?] turkey with the

American flag stuck in his back-the other courses no better than ours-the dates antedeluvian like our own. The only item of

American news he gained was this refreshing one [....] down to [....]

March 22, 1870

Visit to the Samaritan Synagogue.-In the court orange tree & grape vine-in the vestibule a regular New England clock-"Veil" of the temple a faded old curtain like a patch-work quilt. High priest's son shows the MS [?]-a handsome boy of 15 named Isaac. The MS leans up against a rickety old cupboard-is displayed to us by the lad who draws aside the old curtain of the shabby recess. He says he shall be the next high-priest. Says he wants to go to America. Had an ink-horn (brass) in his belt & a seal hung on a string around his neck. Wears a red white & brown striped gown with dark blue cloak & red tarbush. Is handsome-brown-with large expressive eyes & bushy brown hair. Woolen hose on feet-curious little synagogue-two holes in the top [?] through which rain falls & nearly strikes the sacred MS. "Poor box" at the door. Contention about back-sheesh-wanted a shilling apiece. Going out found [?] water in the entry a foot deep since we went in [?]

Shopping in Nablous. First [.................. ] a pocket full of parched peas from a grave, handsome grocer who smoked his bubbling nargileh as he [.................................... ] He squatted on the floor of his closet-shop the entire [............. ] was [................................. ]

[NOTE: lines above nearly illegible because pencil marks are smudged]