Journal 42 Page 1 May 11, 1870

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18 European Notes

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No. 18 of European Notes.

May 11, 1870

Munich. Glyptothek. (Busts in exterior niches, in the GK manner)

Catharine=power. "most beautiful woman of Albano [?]: (antithesis.)

Persons less than 17 yrs. old not admitted to the Glyptotek!

1. Archaic-2. then [?] pediments from Egina-3 then [?] |Age of Pericles (Apollo with the lyre-Barburini Faun &c.)

Canova's Paris.

Schadow's girl fastening sandal.

Bust of Ludwig I.

The Propylaea. (Schwanenthal)

[3 small squares] Corinthian Doric Ionic (Konigplatz illustrates the three g[..]t orders.

-Obelisk-Old Pinacothek.

Finest picture to my taste-Guercino's Christ crowned with thorns (soldier in armor & with glove of steel scales pressing the crown into His brows; contrast in the 3 faces that make up the picture. Murillo's boys eating melon & grapes-splendid-perfect nature; two boys & a dog;-old woman "looking" a beggar boy's head.

Rubens on the rampage. Fiends & fat women by the score. Astonishing "Fall of the Angels"-almost super-human in skill & frightfulness.

Looking at pictures so hurriedly is the most aggravating thing conceivable.

-Our experience in a Munich "Bier Halle" with nice Mr. Hubbard. (smells-nice old man-rough seats-unrivalled beer a 2 cents a "seidel"-dashing military officers & pretty ladies coming in to get their "usual drink."}

To Bank & letters from Mother, Madame Perrot, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Brognier [?], Miss Cleghorn (in flowing Italian which I "read out" to Kate & which was "like English" to us only far more musical;) Munroe (cameos all right.) Dear Mother's letters worry me because she evidently expects me before I can possibly come, & I fear, needs me. I wish I could leave for home tomorrow. Am glad to "hurry up" for what is best in the world I have now seen -& can afford to turn my face homeward with a thankful heart.

May 12, 1870

Another day's whirl of "sightseeing." For once & at last I cease my Oliver Twist cry of "more"-& substitute "Enough"! I am desperately sick of sight-seeing "as a pursuit" & so anxious to