Journal 44 Page 1 June 27, 1870

[inside front cover:]

Marked on goods in Regent St. windows:

"curiously cheap."

"Bankrupt's prices"

"Summer prices."

-London advertisements out do american

-everywhere-on one's play-bill-inside the dash-boards of the Hansoms-on the backs of old men-covering the station sides from platform to roof-omnibuses &c.

bibles & scripture passages framed all over the station tables & walls-

Nobody can enter House of Peers when in session.

-16 ladies only in the commons & talk of abolishing that privilege even. Lord Chamberlains compliments to Mr. Stetson- touching [?] Lam. [?] palace.

[p. 1:]

No. 20.-

European Notes.

[note at right side of page:] Followed by No. 11 last part-which ends my Journals.

June 27, 1870

-Having settled ourselves in our new lodgings & taken a look at our yellow linen landlady we went to the bank for a reason best known to ourselves-thence to attend to some stupid little shopping affairs in the progress of which I was amused & touched by the Dr's tireless love & care for his sweet little wife-shown in the most trifling circumstances.

-Talked in the evening till a late hour.

June 28, 1870

Spent the day at Sydenham-the noblest monument of modern enterprise & good sense that any nation can signalize-at least so it seems to me in the fresh enthusiasm of delightful hours- retrospective for me, anticipatory for the eager, lovely questioner beside me-in its Egyptian, Grecian & Roman Courts- where for the pleasure & instruction of the untraveled public are spread out the wealth of widely severed centuries & civilizations. Sydenham is the Paradise of stay at home travelers-the delightful reminder of that laborious class who go down to the sea in ships & search wide continents as with a lighted candle;-for models of all the finest architecture & sculpture of the classic cities & famed galleries of Europe are here, with such agreeable & fitting accessories as flowers, fountains, fancy bazaars, modern statues & pictures, music, a library, &