Journal 45 Page 1 January 01, 1881

Journal for 1881 [kept by Anna Gordon, then FEW]

[Inside front cover:]

Gen. Ellison capers.


[first unnumbered page:]

Judge A J Willard

(His fathers name John

"" grand "" "" Dr. Elias W.)



""Verdanton""=Greensboro N.C.


Get autographs of distinguished for Mrs Green's book.


January 1, 1881 [Note: Anna Gordon wrote entries from 1/1/81 to 3/8/81]

Left Peoria in the morning for Pekin feeling that the first Sabbath of the new year could be profitably spent in that city where more liquor is manufactured than in any other city of its size in the world. As we passed the black smoky distilleries of Peoria en route F. could compare them to nothing but a place of eternal torment.

January 2, 1881

Pekin. Ill.

Entertained by Mrs. Hall who lived in Janesville in the days gone by. She told us much of the wickedness of Pekin. F. spoke in the morning on ""What think ye of Christ"" and in the P. M. organized a W.C.T.U. All the rich people of the city are engaged in the traffic In the evening she gave another address.

[Note: from here til early March just an itinerary]

1/3/81 Metamora

1/4/81 Went to Springfield

1/5/81 Springfield

1/6/81 Sheldon, Ill.

1/7/81 Cincinnati

1/8/81 Cincinnati to Ky.

1/9/81 Louisville. Ky.

1/10/81 Lexington. Ky.

1/11/81 Went to Cincinnati

1/12/81 Went to Columbus.O.