Journal 47 Page 1 January 01, 1888

[Inscription on second unnumbered page:)

To dear Miss Willard in loving remembrance of Sissy Charlotte A. Gray

January 1, 1888

Rest Cottage, ""The Den"", Jan. 1. '88

A day of blessed home life & church fellowship. Love feast & communion in AM. Temperance meeting as usual in Union Hall at 3.30 under auspices of WCTU. Rev. CH Zimmerman spoke for prohibiton by law by politics & by woman's ballot. Mary Allen West with us, brave heart. Beautiful evening of song, Bible, & prayer, all of [entry continues in space for 1/2. The space for each entry is only 1/3 page.] us five women together. Sang Mother's favorites ""Lead, kindly light"" ""There are lovely hearts to cherish,"" ""When the mists have cleared away"" & ""O prodigal child.""

January 2, 1888

Wrote leaflet favoring repeal of Internal Revenue. Fifty dollars from dear Mrs. Sweetyer[?] with whom I went to Russia. Beginning of Rest Cottage clubs[?] could[?] be only I was utterly ""done out"" & went to bed right after tea.

January 3, 1888

Dearest Mother's 84th Birth Day. How blessed am I to have so blessed a Mother as ""Saint Courageous"" to cheer me on my way. No words may measure the meaning of this gracious gift

January 4, 1888

Mrs. Ada Bittenbender our new Supt of Legal Work spent the day & we had much talk about her work in Washington whither she goes tomorrow. She is a marvel-to carry a bill she has no superior.

January 5, 1888

House a humming hive as usual with happy work for God & Home & Native Land. Never did I better see the beauty and charm of uses- as Swedenborg hath it. God be thanked for health of mind & body. Geo. C. Hall to tea & talk.

January 6, 1888

Went to the city & signed papers as incorporator, for Mrs.

Carse's Temple. Much contradiction on part of Bro. Hobbs. I must