Journal 48 Page 1 January 01, 1893

[Front Matter: FEW Journal 48, 1/1/1893-12/31/1893]
[Transcribed exactly like it appears in journal-add punctuation after, if necessary, for clarity.]
[Inside cover:]


Engelberg, Happy Heights, July 9, 1893.

We swim the earth from pole to pole
And nod and glance and bustle by;
And never once possess our soul
Before we die"" Selah.
______ [short vertical line through horizontal one.]
""On every Height there lies Repose.


[item pasted in about Edison's assertion that he is no longer an agnostic, but convinced by his scientific study that there is a supreme intelligence which can eventually be demonstrated by mathematics.]

[p.l (unnumbered)]

""Thou kingly spirit throned among the hills,
Thou 0[....] Ambassador from earth to Great Hierarch!
tell thou the silent Heaven [heaven set off by a line] sky,
And tell the stars and tell yon rising sun
Earth with her thousand voices praises God.""
Coleridge to Mt. Blanc.



Frances E. Willard,
Reigate, near London,
Jan.1, 1893.


Only the Golden Rule can bring the Golden Age.

[p.2 (unnumbered)]

Tennyson's statement of his Creed:
""There's something that watches over us; and our individuality
endures: that's my faith and that's all my faith.""-
(This was a life-time after he wrote In Memoriam.)


Definition of a Gentleman=
A gentle,-manly man.


Felicific (word coined by Prof. H. Sidgwick)-promotive of felicity or happiness

Hedonism=pleasure as the supreme good.