Journal 6 Page 1 February 01, 1859

[inside front cover:]

symbols. [D.] placed after any portion of daily programme signifies Done.

[following 5 lines in pencil:]

H. W. Longfellow

Martin F. Tupper


Elizabeth Barrett

Robert Browning-

Note Book No. 1.

Frances E. Willard

February 1, 1859

My Room.

I have been reading "Todd's Student's Manual" today, and though ill have determined to follow his suggestions sufficiently to commence keeping a Note Book. Henceforth I will not be without one. He advises a programme for every day. Here's mine for Feb. 1st:

a. make toilet.

b. eat breakfast.

c. Establish myself upstairs in rocking chair, read "Living Authors of England," (Thomas Powell, author) Oxford News, (Eng. paper.,) and Todd's Manual during the remainder of the day.

February 2, 1859

Sick-Miscellaneous Reading-Prime's Travels-Todd's Manual-"War Trail" ( and,) Repository, &c. &c.

February 3, 1859

Rather pleasant weather. Sick. Eyes so much inflamed that I cannot read or write-never was deprived the priviledge before. Mother and Mary read aloud in Prime's Travels. Like them exceedingly. The style is graphic-the prime qualification in books of this kind. Will see Europe before I die!-

February 4, 1859

Sick. Inflammation of the lungs. Dr. Ludlam here to see me. Heard "Ledger" read. Don't think "Mount Vernon Papers" will add to Everett's reputation. (Of course my opinion is worth nothing except to myself, but still I think I have a right to it.)