Journal 8 Page 1 May 16, 1859

[This journal contains entries by Mary Willard, January 1, 1958 to mid-May, 185S (pp. 1-61 in penciled numbering). There are a few short entries by Frances Willard (sometimes as a "scribe" for Mary) during this period. FEW'S journal officially begins on p. 62. ]

May 16, 1859

Note Book. No. 3. [underlined twice.]

Several months ago, Mary ceased to write in this Book, so I succeed her with my poor, rambling scrawls._

Since writing last, I have collected several scraps which I think worth transcribing. The first is from the last Advocate.

"Night chaseth night

And we are hungering still,

And longing ever-

Longing for joy more bright;

Unsatisfied, and wearied with our poor endeavor.

Untired, earth rolls on,

And, every season, full its tribute brings,

And lays it down,

Our throbbing hearts to cheer; and yet we cannot sing."_______

-Here is another from the same source, directly opposite in spirit.

"Onward, upward, mounting higher On each wave-top as it rolls,

Fill your heart with manly fire,

Labor is for noble souls."

Here's one that is "only too true,"-from Alex. Smith's "Life Drama."

"In the street the tide of being How it surges, how it rolls!

God! what base, ignoble faces!

God! What bodies wanting souls."_____

-Another, from the "Ancient Mariner."

"O sleep, it is a gentle thing,

Beloved from pole to pole!

To Mary Queen the praise be given!

She sent the gentle ship from Heaven,

That slid into my soul."___

-These are from Mrs. Browning's "Aurora Leigh," which is a noble poem,-thank God!-a woman wrote it, who, were she not a woman, would be called the greatest living poet.- "He taught me all the ignorance of men,

And how God laughs in Heaven when any man Says here[?] I'm learned; this, I understand;

In that, I'm never caught at fault or doubt."

I would give much for the privilege of repeating those four lines in the hearing of every egotist with whom I'm acquainted. Is it too much to say that the terms "egotist" and "narrowness of mind"