Journal 9 Page 1 August 17, 1859

&[Inside front cover:]


This is the book that began to be writ in

By the boy that wearied in well doing.

(sketch of a face)

this is the maid that succeeded the boy that began to write in the book,

But wearied in well doing.

(F.E. Willard)

This is the name of the maid that

succeeded the boy

That writ in the book, but was wearied in well doing.

(August 17, 1859.)

This is the date of the time

When the maid that succeeded the boy

Commenced to write in the book.

(Facts & Fancies.)

These are the things that were writ in the book

By the maid that succeeded

the boy

who wearied of well doing.

Aug. 17, 1859.

[p. 1]

Note Book. Frances E. Willard

No. 4. Mary E. Willard.

("Her Autograph")

[other writing and clipping on Ventriloquism pasted on page one] [pp. 2-16 filled with Oliver A. Willard's Accounts.]

Note Book. No. 4.

August 17, 1859

Cloudy & rainy, which is what we have earnestly desired. Notwithstanding this "unfavorable spell of weather," Father,

Anna, and Mary have gone to the city. What a quiet, patient girl is Anna Churchman!

-I sit in my room alone-that is companionless-save that Gip is "peep"ing occasionally from his gloomy cigar-box-cage. (He's to have a decent one today.)

-"For future reference" I will give an account of the different episodes of "school life that have checkered my history. I will mention all the instruction in science that I have ever received either at home or abroad.

1 First, then, I "attended school" in our house in Oberlin Ohio, with half a dozen a b c darians for "mates" & mother for teacher.